"With Dr. Claus Bergschneider, CEO of cbc consulting & engineering, Michael Karasz, Founder and CEO of THE ENERGY HOUSE GmbH, and Alexander Schießl, CEO of e.less GmbH, we won high qualified, experienced and well-networked manager for the Tender365 advisory board", underline Helmut Kusterer and Frank Sonne, managing directors of Tender365.

Each shareholder can propose a member for the advisory board. The responsibilities and expectations can be interpreted widely. The advisory board consults the management board, supports the strategic and technical development of the platform and give recommendations. Futhermore, the establishment and networking of the platform in the market is a core task of the advisory board.

„The members of the advisory board have a very active role. They are sparring partner and idea giver with a high personal competence and integrity”, say Helmut Kusterer and Frank Sonne.

Dr. Claus Bergschneider
Michael Karasz
Alexaner Schießl