GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH today published its tender for propellant gas on Tender365. Until 17.09.2019 registered users can bid directly on Tender365. Non-registered users can also submit bids easily via our guest access. Simply activate here once and free of charge and then gain access to the tenders using the following access data and place a bid on Tender365.

**Please note the General Terms and Conditions of GRTgaz Deutschland GmbH as well as the prequalification requirements for all invitations to tender ***.

Lot 1 Flat delivery Bid submission until 17.09.2019 11:00

  • Tender ID: 5d6f9762cb0295000128c2d0
  • Key: 726sN9h31dOTGjU9UpCJlYgY2ji3v2R/4QlTVe3+/EoBy2ipOVqQFE7MzvP5aF59
  • Link: Lot 1

Lot 2 Flex Bid submission until 17.09.2019 11:30

  • Tender ID: 5d6f988756ecd4000161acad
  • Key: 726sN9h31dOTGjU9UpCJlQhBXZU90EwdJsjHKDqdhkj7reHbH9DXD0CLClKlefDV
  • Link: Lot 2

Lot 3 Flex Bid submission until 17.09.2019 12:00

  • Tender ID: 5d6f96d756ecd4000161acab
  • Key: 726sN9h31dOTGjU9UpCJleHRXFVIFsyHUUU9huvO2gk7RCTDvr7rKRxAdQlYgzp3
  • Link: Lot 3

Should you have any questions regarding the use of the guest access, please do not hesitate to contact us.